Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Following the publication of Toxic Reign: Reclaim Our Future, a few folks called me down for the aggressive nature of my writing.  Some called it “hate speech,” some accused me of guzzling the “Haterade,” right?

What can I say?  I write aggressively, and I believe in what I say.  Or else I wouldn’t be saying it.  I will say this: I’d put my life on the line to defend YOUR freedom of speech in calling me a “hater,” okay?

Is that confusing to you liberals?  Does it confuse you when I say I’d DEFEND your right to attack me?  If it confuses you, I think you don’t fully appreciate the Constitution of the United States.

I have no problem with Free Speech, regardless of the content, and I encourage everyone to speak his mind freely. It's when Free Speech comes under attack by a central government that my hackles are raised, and I will readily encourage anyone who feels his Liberty to speak freely is under attack to defend that right, as allowed under the Constitution of the United States. 

Our right to DEFEND our Liberties is a greater right than that of Free Speech. Defense of our Liberties necessarily precedes the enjoyment of our Liberties. Without the former, the latter does not exist.

To quote from the Second Amendment of my favorite document:

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

By all reason, this should have been the First Amendment. 

There is no twist or distortion of logic that can refute the intent of the Second Amendment. The greatest threat to Liberty is the corruption of the central government that is charged with defending our Liberty. When the central government not only fails to defend our Liberty, but actively participates in assailing our Liberty, then the people MUST rise to the call and bring down the central government by any and all means at their disposal, including armed insurrection.

Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution offers us a number of legal courses of action before we fall back on the Second Amendment solution of SECURING our free state by force of arms. Which is why the cowards and liars and traitors of our central government are so persistent in dismantling and discarding the Constitution.

Oh, I'm well acquainted with the foaming liberal fanatics out there, those who have gone berserk on my opinions and the facts I have presented for their edification.  Just to prepare them for my rebuttals, I'd like for them to know a few pertinent facts:

First, skin pigmentation means nothing to me, but shameless stupidity infuriates me.

I do, in fact, hate the lower class, because I see them as parasites, which they are, under any definition you care to apply (my definition is organisms feeding off of a host without providing any reciprocal benefit to the host); but I only hold this view because I was born into a poor family on the poor side of town and my childhood was poor, and I hated every minute of it — anyone who doesn't hate poverty and does not strive toward prosperity is some kind of brain-damaged freak or is brainwashed into grubwormish passivity, which infuriates me.

Allow me to inject that I AINT wealthy.  All I have are my material assets, a house, a car, a mortgage and a lot of good old all-American debt.  I don’t have big profit-driving projects or businesses going on.  I consider myself poor, but it’s worth noting that I have impossibly high standards, so I’ll ALWAYS be “poor,” a condition that I really HATE.

My financial/social status, if anyone wants to know, is like Heller.*

I don't watch FOX News or any other television programming, as I stopped polluting my mind with TV many years ago.  I do selectively stream in radio from all over the country, and I sample both conservatively and liberally-slanted programming, because I want my foot in the enemy’s camp, okay?  I wanna know what that sonofabitch is thinking ALL THE TIME.

I'm not sure I know what "Right Wing" even means anymore, but I do know that the most extreme and violent radicals in our midst are NOT Right Wingers; rather, traditionally and historically, they are hate-filled, venom-spitting, bomb-throwing Left Wingers.

The FBI will back me up on that.  Check into FBI records, and you’ll see that Leftists are ALWAYS the most violent — statistically, TWICE as violent as Right-wingers — and the Leftists are more likely to employ terrorist tactics, from disseminating fearful propaganda, to sending mail-bombs, to instigating violence at public protests, to booby-trapping lumber sites, to flat-out mass-murder, and I’ll leave it at that.

They commit these kneejerk crimes against humanity because the Liberal Mind cannot grasp the REALITIES of everyday living, they can’t DEAL WITH challenges in an intelligent manner that benefits everyone; they only know LASHING OUT or RUNNING AWAY to HIDE when they don’t get their way.

You see the Libs doing this across the board, from entertainment to sports to industry to religion to politics to the Internet and beyond.  Witness the debacle in Wisconsin, where Democrats fled from their elected responsibilities, bussed in scabs to protest, while they ironically and preposterously promised to  “join the citizens of Wisconsin in reclaiming our government.”  

Vowing to “join in alliance” with their Wisconsin constituents — as they COWERED at a resort hotel in Illinois.


And observe the preposterous histrionics of the so-called "Occupy Movement" — an invention of Socialist malcontents in Canada, no less, and imported to the USA.  Throngs of uncomfortable Leftists comprise the movement, which seemingly has no objective and no demands; except, perhaps, a demand for free caffe latte and free meals donated to their cause by the very Capitalists they hope to dethrone.

Scumbags, verily.

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