Monday, March 3, 2014

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It's not just a slogan — it's the historical legacy of Connecticut, where anti-gunnners are today crusading to CONFISCATE your firearms and throw you in prison for owning them.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

To Which I Reply...

Once again, banning private gun ownership has NO EFFECT on human nature. Ban guns, as Communist China did long ago, and the gangs (or "terrorists," or "madmen," or whatever you want to call them) just move on to bombs, knives, baseball bats, shovels, golf clubs, pesticides, or whatever weapons may fall into their possession.

You know, if there is any correlation between weapon availability and homicide rates, then the United States apparently defies that correlation.

In the USA, there are approximately 90 MILLION legal gun owners in possession of approximately 300 MILLION firearms; yet, the gun-related death toll in the USA is LESS than 9,000 per year, and TWO-THIRDS of that number are suicides — the remaining third of these deaths comprise of gun-related homicides, accidental gunshot deaths, police action gunshot deaths, and self-defense gunshot fatalities.

Which, to me, says that less than ONE-TENTH of ONE-TENTH of ONE PERCENT of legal gun owners could POSSIBLY be blamed for contributing to the annual death toll in the USA.

That's a REMARKABLY SLIM correlation, if you can call it a correlation at all.

If the number of shootings in a given country is proportionate to the number of gun owners (it's not), then the USA should have TENS OF MILLIONS or at least MILLIONS of shootings annually...but we don't.  Our gun-owning population is amazingly disciplined and amazingly restrained, compared to populations of other nations.

Just for the record, the worst single-gunman mass shooting in modern HISTORY occurred in the European Union (Norway, 2011), when a fellow named Anders Behring Breivik very calmly and methodically shot and killed 77 people in a little over an hour's time.

Norway is "gun-free" (whatever that means), but European gun bans don't seem particularly effective against those who refuse to obey their draconian gun laws.

I mean, the anti-gunners always love to showcase these totally fabricated numbers of CHILD deaths as a result of gunfire in the USA... I think the current anti-gunner "statistic" is 10,000 kids shot annually in the USA, with 3,000 fatalities. This preposterous number exceeds ALL non-suicide gunshot fatalities in the United States annually. Of course, the anti-gunner statistics are shamelessly COOKED and patently FALSE.

USA Today even dared print that guns kill TWICE as many kids in America annually as CANCER — therefore, they claim gun violence against children is "an epidemic".... Pardon, but, according to the National Cancer Institute, about 1,500 children die of cancer annually in the USA.

So, USA Today is claiming that 3,000 children are killed by gunfire annually in the USA.

But, hold on... There are LESS than 9,000 gun-related deaths in the USA annually, and TWO-THIRDS of those are SUICIDES....which means the 3,000 child fatalities MORE than make up the remaining THIRD.

Which means, if we are to believe USA Today, there are NO adult gunshot homicides, NO self-defense gunshot fatalities, NO accidental adult gunshot deaths, and NO police action gunshot deaths. Right?

Let's quickly recap: There are LESS than 9,000 gunshot fatalities annually in the USA; TWO-THIRDS of all gunshot fatalities in the USA annually are SUICIDES; that leaves a little less than 3,000 gunshot fatalities to account for ALL OTHER gunshot deaths.

Yet, USA Today claims there are 3,000 CHILD gunshot fatalities annually in the USA.

These numbers don't work out, do they (unless there is a secret "epidemic" of children deliberately committing gunshot suicide by the thousands)?

What's obvious is that USA Today, following a transparent anti-gun agenda, is shamelessly FABRICATING the number of child gunshot deaths in the USA.

Actually, there are FAR MORE bludgeoning homicides in the USA than firearm-related homicides; and even the USA lags behind China, Japan, Central and South America and most African nations for KNIFE-related homicides. 

Africa, incidentally, leads the world with about 38% of ALL homicides on the planet. North and South America COMBINED account for only 31% of the homicides in the world; and the majority of homicides in the Americas are committed in Central America, South America, and in Latin island-nations.

See, the issue should NOT be focused on the WEAPONS utilized; the issue should be focused on the MENTALITY of the cultures that commit the MOST HOMICIDES. Because they'll kill you by whatever means at their disposal.

Keep in mind, you are FAR more likely to be butchered in the street by machete-wielding Muslim radicals in London, England, than ANYWHERE in the USA.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

TOXIC REIGN: Reclaim Our Future

When author Charles Austin Miller opens a can of whoop-ass on Washington's political madness in his book, Toxic Reign: Reclaim Our Future, we ask that you please fasten your safety harness and keep hands and feet inside the rollercoaster for the duration of the ride. Cited in 2010 by the Anti-Defamation League as a purveyor of "violence-inciting speech," Charles Austin Miller unapologetically excoriates the failing administration of Barack Hussein Obama and anyone even remotely associated with it. 

Miller pulls no punches as he guides his readers through a high-level, whirlwind tour of Obama's ineptitude, inexperience, and outright stupidity less than two years into what most Americans fear is the worst presidency in history. Bounding from Healthcare Reform to Global Warming to Illegal Aliens to the Deepwater Horizon "catastrophe" to the Globalist Agenda and much more, Miller does not hesitate to wade into the foul muck that is Washington politics and shimmy in the cesspool.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

The State of New York has implemented the most draconian and confiscatory gun laws in the nation. Make no mistake, they are violating the Constitutional rights of the citizens of New York. It's time to speak out with a FIGHT BACK NEW YORK tee-shirt, coffee mug, or other rebellious item. Features the legend FIGHT BACK NEW YORK, silhouette of an M4A3 semi-auto rifle, and the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


What kind of cowardly nation has this become?

All across the Internet, I see "patriots" speaking out against unconstitutional gun control legislation, I see "patriots" uttering these dire pronouncements and warnings about our loss of Liberty. However, when it comes to actually taking up arms to FIGHT our increasingly corrupt central government, these same "patriots" turn and run with their tails between their legs, like scalded dogs.

Except that's an insult to scalded dogs.

The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting or sport shooting or personal protection. Those arguments were created by ANTI-GUNNERS who have attempted for decades to twist and distort the original intent of the Founders on the subject of gun ownership. Anti-gunners want us to SETTLE for hunting and sport shooting and personal protection — plinking at burglars and chicken thieves — as our sole reasons for possessing firearms.

But that's NOT why the Founders drafted the Second Amendment.

The Founders had just come through a REVOLUTION against their government, a revolution against a vastly superior and better-armed military force. It was a revolution in which only about 3% of the American people participated, actually. The rest of Americans were still aligned with King George III or just didn't want to get involved. Thus, the Patriots were greatly outnumbered and outgunned.

Yet they WON.

They drafted the Constitution NOT to grant Rights to the citizens of the new United States, but to PROHIBIT American government from EVER infringing on our fundamental Rights, those Rights with which we are born, our Rights as human beings.

And they drafted the Second Amendment as a contingency, just in case ANY government — including our own — chose to deprive us of our Rights. Make no mistake, the Second Amendment is about taking up arms against our government. It's about shooting at the government. It's about fighting any armed force the government assembles against the People. It's about killing the tyrants in our government. It's about mingling THEIR blood with our own.

As Thomas Jefferson is famously quoted saying: "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure."

Now, that's bloody and gory and scary, and it SHOULD be... But it should be scarier to the government than it is to the People. Because the Constitution is on the PEOPLE'S side, not on the government's side.

You need to understand that. Today's spineless liberals need to understand that; the filthy, corrupt central government needs to understand that; and, more than anyone, the armchair "patriots" out there need to understand that.

Your Right to keep and bear arms is about taking up arms and overthrowing your tyrannical government. It's about bullets flying, it's about people killing each other, it's about fighting the tyrants in our midst to preserve your Liberty.

The government doesn't want you to remember this, which is why they've been indoctrinating students for decades with anti-American, anti-Constitution BULLSHIT in the public schooling system. Anti-American liberals don't want you to remember it, either, which is why they've been selling you this "violence is never an option" BULLSHIT for the last fifty years. And anti-gunners don't want you to remember it, which is why they've tried to convince you that the Second Amendment only applies to hunting, sport shooting and personal defense.

As Americans, we have a DUTY to fight back, to take up arms and fight our government in the most violent and bloody fashion possible. The Founders knew that. And our modern government knows that, too — otherwise they wouldn't be trying to disarm the nation.

So, you armchair "patriots" and keyboard warriors and flaccid NRA stooges need to get off your fat asses and stop preaching non-violence and start thinking about putting your guns where your mouths are. You'd better be ready to pull a trigger in defense of your Liberty, or else you're no better than the spineless liberals and Socialist cowards who are currently pulling the Constitution out from under you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


See, we have a little thing called The Second Amendment that plainly states the government shall not infringe on our right to keep and bear arms. Owning guns is a RIGHT bestowed upon us by a Creator (or, for the atheists out there, by virtue of our birth). Our Constitution says the government SHALL NOT INFRINGE on this very basic Right.

Driving a car is a PRIVILEGE bestowed by the government, so they can license you to death with an automobile, or even revoke your drivers license. But the government CANNOT prevent American citizens from keeping and bearing arms, under the Constitution.

There’s a very good reason for that.

The TRUTH of the Second Amendment is that it protects for American citizens the RIGHT to use firepower to bring down their own government, when that government becomes tyrannical and oppressive. The whole REASON for the Second Amendment is quite clear: To Secure a Free State.

That’s the part of the amendment that very much distinguishes gun ownership as a DUTY…not merely a form of personal self defense or sporting entertainment. The Founders INTENDED for Americans to ALWAYS wield at LEAST as much firepower as the government. To Secure a Free State.

Governments, you see, can NEVER be trusted to secure our Liberty. Armed Americans must ALWAYS be able to remove a tyrannical government by force of arms, when all other methods are exhausted.

The Declaration of Independence lays out, in a general fashion, the source of our Rights:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

Certain unalienable [sic] rights, that AMONG THESE are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness… You will notice that the Declaration does not specify ALL of the basic Rights with which we are endowed, but it alludes to MANY Rights.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights (the original ten Amendments) later elucidated upon the Rights granted us by the “Creator” — again, for the atheists out there, this means the Rights with which we are endowed by virtue of our birth. These are our BASIC rights.

The Constitution did NOT bestow any rights upon us. From the outset, the Constitution ASSUMES that we ALREADY HAVE these Rights, and it goes to great lengths to PROHIBIT the government from infringing upon those Rights.

When the government “becomes destructive of these ends” — seeking to infringe upon our Rights and deprive us our Liberty — it is our RIGHT to alter or abolish that government. This means by ballot or by bullet.

THAT is why the Right of citizens to keep and bear arms is protected immediately in the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Gun ownership wasn’t far down on the list; rather, it was addressed IMMEDIATELY after freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

You do understand why these Rights were at the TOP of the list, don’t you? It’s because these are the Rights that are FIRST to come under attack by an oppressive and destructive government.

Take a look around you today… What Rights are under attack, every day, in the headlines? Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom to Keep & Bear Arms. That’s because these Rights are, by far, the most dangerous to any form of government seeking to oppress its people.

The Founders knew EXACTLY what they were doing, and their foresight was and is timeless.