Tuesday, January 15, 2013


What kind of cowardly nation has this become?

All across the Internet, I see "patriots" speaking out against unconstitutional gun control legislation, I see "patriots" uttering these dire pronouncements and warnings about our loss of Liberty. However, when it comes to actually taking up arms to FIGHT our increasingly corrupt central government, these same "patriots" turn and run with their tails between their legs, like scalded dogs.

Except that's an insult to scalded dogs.

The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting or sport shooting or personal protection. Those arguments were created by ANTI-GUNNERS who have attempted for decades to twist and distort the original intent of the Founders on the subject of gun ownership. Anti-gunners want us to SETTLE for hunting and sport shooting and personal protection — plinking at burglars and chicken thieves — as our sole reasons for possessing firearms.

But that's NOT why the Founders drafted the Second Amendment.

The Founders had just come through a REVOLUTION against their government, a revolution against a vastly superior and better-armed military force. It was a revolution in which only about 3% of the American people participated, actually. The rest of Americans were still aligned with King George III or just didn't want to get involved. Thus, the Patriots were greatly outnumbered and outgunned.

Yet they WON.

They drafted the Constitution NOT to grant Rights to the citizens of the new United States, but to PROHIBIT American government from EVER infringing on our fundamental Rights, those Rights with which we are born, our Rights as human beings.

And they drafted the Second Amendment as a contingency, just in case ANY government — including our own — chose to deprive us of our Rights. Make no mistake, the Second Amendment is about taking up arms against our government. It's about shooting at the government. It's about fighting any armed force the government assembles against the People. It's about killing the tyrants in our government. It's about mingling THEIR blood with our own.

As Thomas Jefferson is famously quoted saying: "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure."

Now, that's bloody and gory and scary, and it SHOULD be... But it should be scarier to the government than it is to the People. Because the Constitution is on the PEOPLE'S side, not on the government's side.

You need to understand that. Today's spineless liberals need to understand that; the filthy, corrupt central government needs to understand that; and, more than anyone, the armchair "patriots" out there need to understand that.

Your Right to keep and bear arms is about taking up arms and overthrowing your tyrannical government. It's about bullets flying, it's about people killing each other, it's about fighting the tyrants in our midst to preserve your Liberty.

The government doesn't want you to remember this, which is why they've been indoctrinating students for decades with anti-American, anti-Constitution BULLSHIT in the public schooling system. Anti-American liberals don't want you to remember it, either, which is why they've been selling you this "violence is never an option" BULLSHIT for the last fifty years. And anti-gunners don't want you to remember it, which is why they've tried to convince you that the Second Amendment only applies to hunting, sport shooting and personal defense.

As Americans, we have a DUTY to fight back, to take up arms and fight our government in the most violent and bloody fashion possible. The Founders knew that. And our modern government knows that, too — otherwise they wouldn't be trying to disarm the nation.

So, you armchair "patriots" and keyboard warriors and flaccid NRA stooges need to get off your fat asses and stop preaching non-violence and start thinking about putting your guns where your mouths are. You'd better be ready to pull a trigger in defense of your Liberty, or else you're no better than the spineless liberals and Socialist cowards who are currently pulling the Constitution out from under you.

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