Saturday, May 11, 2013

TOXIC REIGN: Reclaim Our Future

When author Charles Austin Miller opens a can of whoop-ass on Washington's political madness in his book, Toxic Reign: Reclaim Our Future, we ask that you please fasten your safety harness and keep hands and feet inside the rollercoaster for the duration of the ride. Cited in 2010 by the Anti-Defamation League as a purveyor of "violence-inciting speech," Charles Austin Miller unapologetically excoriates the failing administration of Barack Hussein Obama and anyone even remotely associated with it. 

Miller pulls no punches as he guides his readers through a high-level, whirlwind tour of Obama's ineptitude, inexperience, and outright stupidity less than two years into what most Americans fear is the worst presidency in history. Bounding from Healthcare Reform to Global Warming to Illegal Aliens to the Deepwater Horizon "catastrophe" to the Globalist Agenda and much more, Miller does not hesitate to wade into the foul muck that is Washington politics and shimmy in the cesspool.

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  1. I can hardly wait. My hat off to Charlie!! Wish there were more Americans of high caliber¡!

  2. Zzzzzzzzz. Failed pseudo-writer who cannot give this book filled with lies away.