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I don't usually cite Alex Jones' InfoWars or PrisonPlanet or any other conspiracy sites, because I'M a much better conspiracy theorist than Alex Jones, okay?  I'm not afraid to REALLY tell it like it is.  Alex Jones always toes the line between acceptable and extreme statements.

I, on the other hand, am not afraid of stepping way over the line.  It's called TELLING THE TRUTH.

That's why the Anti-Defamation League cited ME for "violent speech" back in 2010, even though the example they cited of my "violent speech" had nothing to do with violence.  All I said was that the U.S. Congress was a den of domestic terrorists, okay?  Which is the TRUTH.

However, although I'm no particular fan of Alex Jones, I have to acknowledge when he publishes a news story that the Liberal Socialist Mainstream Media won't touch with a ten-foot-pole, such as this one:

Department of Homeland Security Issues List of "Suspicious Behaviors"
Infowars has obtained a document from the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness that lists banal bodily activities such as yawning, staring and goose pumps as “suspicious activity” indicative of terrorism. 
The document (PDF), entitled Terrorism Awareness and Prevention, is presented as a guide for both “residents and workers of New Jersey,” along with employees of federal, state and local agencies, on how to “assist in combating terrorism” by identifying “unusual or suspicious activities and behaviors.” 
The guide encourages participants to “look for signs of nervousness in the people you come in contact with.” “Signs will become particularly evident in a person’s eyes, face, next and body movements.”
The document then lists examples of suspicious behavior indicative of terrorism, which include, “Exaggerated yawning when engaged in conversation,” “glances,” “cold penetrating stare,” “rigid posture,” and “goose bumps”. 
Of course, any of these behaviors could be explained by a million other circumstances and the likelihood that they are indications of terrorist activity is virtually zero. 
However, as we have seen from recent literature put out by the DHS or related law enforcement bodies, the standard for being characterized as a potential terrorist is getting broader and broader all the time. 

I want you to look at the document in question, Terrorism Awareness and Prevention, which you will immediately notice was released as an image-based PDF file.  There's no live text in it, because they don't want you and I easily copying and circulating the text, okay?  But I want you to look at it, just the same.

This document makes a point of citing the classic FBI definition of "terrorism" thusly:
Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government or civilian population, or any segment thereof, in the furtherance of political or social objectives.
You see what the problem is with that definition, right?  It's the fourth word in the definition: UNLAWFUL.  So, if the use of force or violence or intimidation or coercion is considered LEGAL, then it's not terrorism, right?

The DHS use of force and violence and intimidation and coercion is NOT considered terrorism, because the Federal Government says it's LEGAL.  Our own government maintains that it's LEGAL for the DHS and FBI and BATF to intimidate and coerce and use force and violence against American citizens, but it's somehow NOT terrorism?

This is bullshit, people.

Now let ME tell you what terrorism is:

Terrorism is the use of FEAR as a weapon. I don't care WHO uses it or HOW they attempt to revise the definition to justify their actions; those who employ FEAR to coerce populations  are TERRORISTS, and that most especially applies to those in central government.

No, it's NOT RIGHT for our government to use FEAR as a weapon against the American people.  Those in our government — our Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches — are the REAL terrorists, and they're the MOST DANGEROUS terrorists, because they've made their own terrorism "legal"...  You and I don't have recourse against this sort of insidious domestic terrorism committed by our own government AGAINST US.

Consider what this DHS document is telling us:  Yawning is suspicious activity.  Sweating is suspicious activity.  Scratching your ear is suspicious activity.  Sitting in your car is suspicious activity.  Staring into space is suspicious activity.

They're backing us into a corner such that anything we do can be considered suspicious activity.

But check this, the DHS document says that enforcement operatives should NEVER take race or religion into consideration when reporting suspicious activity.  That's their word: NEVER.

So let's just deliberately IGNORE the FACT that Arab Muslim fanatics comprise nearly 100% of the international terrorist threat in the world.  Oh, noooo, we CAN'T appear RACIST, and we can't cast aspersions on Muslims, can we?

How much better to strip search handicapped people in wheelchairs and old women and toddlers than to risk OFFENDING a goddamned Arab Muslim, right?

I mean, you want to see some sinister shit?  Look at the bottom of Page 8.  This is from the section on "Suspicious Packages and General Mail Handling"...
Be on the lookout for suspicious envelopes and/or packages.  Do not open suspicious mail.  Open all non-suspicious mail with a letter opener or method that minimizes skin contact.
What?  They don't want DHS operatives opening suspicious mail — it might be DANGEROUS.  But they're advised to open ALL non-suspicious mail. That's verbatim, okay?

I mean, it's either incredibly stupid on the part of the DHS to publish something like this (which is reason enough to distrust them), or they, quite frankly, don't give a damn that the public knows the DHS has the authority to open ANY mail that doesn't even fall under the heading of suspicious.

That's pretty damned suspicious behavior, don't you think?

We can't sue the DHS, okay, we can't file a lawsuit against the Federal Government for breaking the goddamned law and undermining the U.S. Constitution.  So you and I are at their mercy.

They think.

No, let me tell the DHS what is REALLY suspicious activity: Detaining innocent people for no reason; harassing innocent people for no reason; and accusing innocent people of "suspicious activity" because Janet Napolitano is a paranoid, anti-American, Nazi imbecile.

And the ULTIMATE in "suspicious activity" is obeying the suspicious orders of a paranoid Nazi imbecile, AGAINST your morals and better judgment, and then claiming later that you were "only following orders"... That's Nazism, y'all.

Folks, you had better believe that the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Safety Administration and the U.S. Federal Government in general are going to REGRET carrying out this systematic persecution of INNOCENT American citizens, in the same way that Nazi war criminals regretted "following orders" against their morals and better judgment.

Yeah, they're going to be JUDGED by their BETTERS, not by their Socialist Nazi peers.  And by "betters," I mean the American People, the victims of this domestic terrorism carried out by our central government.

And the sooner they are judged, the BETTER, because they're stealing our Liberty, people.

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