Friday, March 9, 2012


Oh, you have gotta be kidding... The Huffington Post is is running a blog by Professor Ira Chernus that asks: 
Why Would Israel Attack Iran? Really?
Well, if that sounds like a dumb question coming from a professor, that's probably because he IS a professor, and professors don't have to be very bright to attain their positions.  Professors are big on ideas, but they don't have the SKILLS to express themselves in an articulate fashion.   I know this because I've been contracted in the past to ghost-write thought leadership papers for university professors.

So, Ira Chernus is a professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Safe to assume that this guy is rolled gold Liberal.  So here goes Prof. Chernus attempting to rationalize why Israel would want to attack Iran.

But Israel attacking Iran isn't the gist of the story.  Here's the gist of the story:
Even if the Iranians did manage to make a handful of nuclear weapons, why should we believe they would ever use them against Israel? They know that Israel already has 100 to 200 nukes of its own, enough to destroy every major city in Iran, and is perfectly prepared to use them. Iranian leaders have not given any evidence that they're interested in committing national suicide.

And why should we believe Israel was better off before the Arab Spring, when its neighbors were all dictatorships, breeding grounds for popular anger that could easily turn (or be manipulated) against outside enemies? Governments that better reflect public sentiment are more stable and reliable for their neighbors to deal with. In fact, the Arab Spring movement is having a moderating effect on Islamist politics, as both the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are now demonstrating.

Read the references to Israel's insecurity in the two Washington Post articles more closely, and a third question arises: Do Israelis leaders seriously believe that their national existence is threatened?
See, these university professors such as Ira Chernus are hardcore Liberals.  They don't understand history, they don't understand religion, they probably came into their position by cheating, and then they philosophize on abstracts with no connection to reality.  They CREATE little alternate realities for themselves, and in these alternate realities they ask stupid questions such as Why Would Israel Attack Iran?  Really?

The point is to PREVENT another belligerent, fanatical, loose cannon Arab nation from acquiring thermonuclear weapons technology.  They're cowards, so they'd never use such weapons directly against Coalition forces, okay?  But they might just martyr themselves if they thought they could vaporize Israel in the process.

Now, in actuality, this business with Israel requesting "bunker busters" from the USA is nothing but saber-rattling, it's just propaganda.

The fact is that Israel already HAS everything it needs to BURY Iran in one night.  It's not widely publicized, but Israel owns a FLEET of automated stealth bombers — not mere unmanned drones, but full-fledged BOMBERS — that are more than capable of performing superhuman maneuvers at any altitude and delivering enough two-stage thermonuclear ordnance precisely on target to turn Iran into an apocalyptic wasteland OVERNIGHT, okay?

I mean, if you follow the scientific intel on Israel's military (as I do), you know this is all old news.  Israel is so armed to the teeth that it could WASTE the capitals of every neighboring Arab nation on a moment's notice, and the Arabs don't have the technology to respond to it.

That's the way it's SUPPOSED to be, my friend.  Israel is America's ultimate WAR PLATFORM in the Middle East, supplied with the highest tech military weapons systems you can imagine.  And, hey, you'd better believe that the Israelis know how to build some original war-tech of their own, some really surprising stuff, they build weapons as though they INTEND to USE them.  Which means they're very reliable.

Hell, even I have some Israeli tactical gear, nice stuff.

But the reason Israel WILL attack Iran is because Iran's fanatical religious leaders have already said that they want to destroy Israel!  That looney toon Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, has REPEATEDLY said he was gonna wipe Israel off the map!

Hello, Professor Ira Chernus?  Yeah, your mother called, she said your latest fake diploma just came in the mail.  Of what are you a professor now?  AstroBiology, maybe?

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