Monday, March 26, 2012


Well, this is a natural segue from the Trayvon Martin discussion.

See, George Zimmerman claims he defended himself with deadly force because he was in fear for his life.

Let's take a look at the case, and let's even SPECULATE a bit, shall we?

Let's say that George Zimmerman INSTIGATED an altercation.  That means he deliberately chose to antagonize Trayvon Martin.  This is the basis of the entire "Justice for Trayvon" controversy.

Is the act of following somebody enough to instigate a physical altercation?  Sure, I admit that if somebody was following me, I would confront that person and inquire as to WHY he was following me.  That's how I am, I'm confrontational and I'm not afraid of God, okay?

Somebody else might not react in that manner.  Somebody else might run away in fear.

Somebody else might turn around and attack.

Teenagers don't make good decisions, and that's a widely acknowledged FACT.  After the many epiphanies of puberty, kids think they have it all and know it all, but they have NO IDEA of the true scope of worldly affairs.  They're idiots, basically, who are still driven more by hormones than by intelligent thought.

Teens go out and make their mistakes (hopefully small ones) and we adults are supposed to say "SEE, I TOLD YOU," and the teens thus make the important associations that mold their perception of REALITY, as well as their character.  A teen has his Ah-Ha! moment, and hopefully he uses that learning experience as a template for future learning experiences.

You notice I said "hopefully" twice.

The fact is that teens leap before they look.  They speak and act before they think.  Yeah, they resort to physical violence BECAUSE THEY'RE STUPID AND ANGRY.

That's what teens do.

You wanna dispute that?  Go to YouTube and lookup the MILLIONS of videos of after-school fistfights between teenagers who don't even know WHY they're fighting.  They're fighting because this one over here is dating that one over there, and they can't express themselves in a coherent and articulate fashion, and they just wanna beat down the adversary.

That's perfectly natural competition, and the mandatory free education system has no contingency for dealing with it.  They throw euphemisms such as "bullying" at the problem, but this isn't about bullying.

This is a NATURAL PHASE of Human growth.  Humans are VIOLENT creatures.

No, we're not a little fat-faced Cabbage-Patch species devoid of any thoughts of violence.  Humans ARE violent.

Can I say that again?  We ARE a VIOLENT SPECIES.

If you say you don't enjoy violence, I'll call you a liar and dump about 16 tons of VIOLENT DVDs in your front yard, free of charge.  Violence is what we ARE, it's what we DO, it's the ENGINE of our civilization.

As this applies to the Trayvon Martin case, I think the 17-year-old BLACK TEENAGER got his panties in a wad because a 27-year-old HISPANIC DUDE started following him and MAY have asked him what he was doing in this neighborhood.

I think Trayvon copped a teenage attitude and turned on the Hispanic guy and started beating him down, because teenagers DO that.  Like, "Stop follin' me, man!  I beat yo ass!"

Who knows what really transpired?  I don't know.  Do you think YOU know?

Do you think a 27-year-old man who has gone through concealed-carry training and who studied criminal justice is going to KNOWINGLY instigate an altercation that could potentially result in a gunshot death?

I don't think so.   If you think so, I suggest you go take a concealed handgun course and educate yourself in the subject very deeply, and then come back with a different perspective.  People who educate themselves in gun law and violent crime law are LESS LIKELY to pull a gun and kill somebody, okay?

We THINK about the law before we make that last, fateful decision.

Ask any policeman.

You know why?  Because the laws are SO NEBULOUS when it comes to violent crime.  When you start to realize how the law CHANGES in mid-stream, depending on the circumstances, how the instigator can suddenly become the victim, THEN you are zeroing-in on the TRUTH in such a way as to exact JUSTICE.

Hey, I've pursued a suspicious character on foot.

Back in 2001, my wife and I walked up on a supermarket robbery, the robber busted through the sliding doors right in front of us, and everybody in the store was paralyzed in fear.  Seriously.  Nobody was taking action, they just let this guy do his thing and fill up a handbasket with about $4000 in prescription drugs and run out the front door.

Big, strong store employees just standing there, eyes wide and mouths agape, immobilized.

Hey, I gave chase.  I don't know why.  I was impelled to pursue the criminal.

The robber glanced over his shoulder, saw me in pursuit, and that was his mistake.  Sonny boy, I ran track in high school, and I know you NEVER look back, okay, because it destroys your focus.

His focus was destroyed, he dropped the handbasket of pharmaceuticals, and he escaped under full power of adrenalin, like a rat fleeing from a burning tugboat.

I bet I scared five years growth out of that kid.  Heh heh.

Strangely, as the employees gathered up the $4000 worth of pharmaceuticals in the parking lot, not one person said "Thank You," nobody patted me on the back, and they didn't give us a complimentary discount on our purchase when we checked out.

WTF is that about, I ask you?  How weird is that?  It was like I was the bad guy because I chased him?

Ah.  How similar is the mentality in the Zimmerman/Martin case, yes?

You see the similarities,  don't you?  Foremost: The guy who pursues is perceived as the bad guy.

The guy who is proactive, who acts independently, and most importantly who has a NOBLE SENSE OF PURPOSE is the BAD GUY.

This isn't about racism.  This is about cutting the balls off of America's heroes.  It's about cutting out our HEART and giving it away.  All of this racial rhetoric is a grand DISTRACTION from a much larger and more sinister movement to  convert the United States into a HIVE of castrated, defenseless and passive drones.

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