Thursday, March 8, 2012


Truth known, we should have invaded Iran and Syria along with Iraq back in 2003. Personally, I would have invaded Jordan and Pakistan, to boot, and just gutted ALL the dens of terrorism in the Middle East.

During the 18 months between George Bush announcing the necessity of invading Iraq and our actually ENTERING Iraq (yes, it was 18 LONG MONTHS of Congressional hesitation before they agreed to take action), Saddam Hussein transferred a great deal of his WMD into Syria, and international intelligence KNOWS that.

Our CONGRESS knew that, Senator Hillary Clinton KNEW that, as did MANY of the anti-war Democrats in the Senate. In the end, those Democrats AGREED to invade Iraq, but only after 18 months of Congressional debate.

What do you glean from that fact? Well, I think they WANTED Saddam Hussein to evacuate his WMD, and I think the Congressional Democrats BOUGHT HIM the TIME to do it.

I mean, Hillary Clinton later came back and claimed the Bush Administration had LIED about WMD in Iraq, that Bush had DECEIVED the U.S. Congress with falsified intelligence.

But, WHOA, hold on there... Long before George W. Bush ever entered office, both Bill and Hillary CLINTON were claiming that Saddam Hussein's WMD stockpiles were the GREATEST THREAT to peace in the Middle East and to the WORLD.

Bill Clinton even violated international law by LAUNCHING MISSILES at Iraq during peacetime, trying to knock out WMD manufacturing facilities. That's just a fact. And Bill Clinton NEVER consulted the United Nations Security Council before pulling the trigger.

The CLINTONS were preaching that sermon about Saddam's WMD all throughout Bill Clinton's administration, in fact, right up until the Clintons left the White House. And Hillary continued preaching the sermon against Iraq's WMD in the U.S. Senate, BEFORE George Bush EVER made his "Axis of Evil" address, okay?

So, if the WMD intelligence was FALSE, then it was false for 9 years BEFORE George W. Bush ever became president; but Bill and Hillary KNEW it was the TRUTH. Saddam Hussein was a loose cannon, assembling an ARSENAL of WMD to direct at Israel. Remember, Saddam was firing long range missiles on Israel in BOTH Iraq wars, and he had USED deadly nerve agents on his own people and against Iran back in the 1980s.

Saddam Hussein deserved EVERY goddamned thing he got, including public disgrace and a hangman's noose.

And I think Syria deserves everything it's GOING TO GET, for their collaboration with Saddam Hussein and for their hiding his WMD stockpiles and for deploying terrorists and insurgents back into Iraq during the occupation.

Our mistake in the Middle East is that we keep hitting the brake when we SHOULD be stepping on the gas.

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