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Well, since I posted my last few blogs regarding the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, I've started receiving some rather hot-headed replies via FaceBook messaging and email.  Predictably, the angriest replies are from young, uneducated, socially-indoctrinated WHITE people.

Here's one from a self-identified white guy who I'm guessing is a teenager, based on his use of juvenile "kiddie script" (that's the brain-damaged language you always see online, with nonexistent punctuation and shit-for-brains spelling, whereby the word "you" is rendered as "u," the word "for" is rendered as "4," and so on and so forth).

The hate-filled fool (whose name I withhold) writes:
"Its like u dont understand how much racist shit u put into that comment. Its not self defense even if he fought the teen. He was told not to follow him and did. Thats harassment!"
It's easy to see you don't understand the situation (or the law) at all, sonny boy.

While it's true that a CIVILIAN dispatcher advised Zimmerman not to follow the hooded stranger that night, the fact remains that Zimmerman DID call the police FIRST to report suspicious activity, then followed Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman admits to this.  It's not at all clear, however, that Zimmerman's choice to follow this kid contributed to the altercation that ensued.

That's a leap of pure conjecture.

Zimmerman stated that he had abandoned the pursuit and was returning to his car when Martin attacked him from behind.  The only witness to the assault said that Trayvon Martin DID, in fact, attack Zimmerman — Zimmerman was on his back in the grass, and Trayvon Martin was on top, beating Zimmerman in the face.

Zimmerman managed to draw his handgun and shot Martin in the chest at close range, possibly killing the teen immediately — well, depending on the caliber of the firearm and the ammunition used, anyway.  A small-caliber handgun (such as a .22 revolver) with target rounds is less likely to have killed Martin instantly.  A large caliber handgun (such as a .45 automatic) with hollowpoint rounds would have dropped a grown man in his tracks, probably dead before he hit the ground.

In Zimmerman's case, he was carrying a 9mm handgun, which is known for its high-power penetrating characteristics.

A 9mm handgun is NOT known as a "man-stopper" at close range, as is a .45 automatic, because the 9mm round typically does NOT expend all of its kinetic energy on impact at close range — in point of fact, the 9mm semi-auto handgun was designed as a military field weapon, specifically created by John Browning in 1922 to kill an enemy combatant at a distance of about 50 yards (150 feet).

Allow me to elucidate: In 1922, the French military contracted famed gun designer John Browning (creator of the unsurpassed .45 automatic known as the 1911) to design a combat handgun to custom specifications: Specifically, the new handgun had to weigh under 2.5 lbs, it had to be easily field-servicable, it had to carry a nine-round magazine, and it had to kill a human being at a range of 150 feet.

The 9mm is NOT known as a close-quarter combat firearm, because the 9mm bullet passes right through a human body at close range, like an icepick, and keeps going.  I mean, in many cases, you can walk away from a 9mm gunshot wound at close range.  Not always, but you can survive a 9mm gunshot much more frequently than a .45 gunshot at close range.

Look at the case of Congresswoman Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords, who was shot through the left side of her brain, from back to front, with a 9mm round in early 2011.  The 9mm bullet passed cleanly through her head, like a pencil, and she survived the assault.

A much larger and slower .45 round typically expends all of its kinetic energy and thus pulverizes bodily organs (e.g. heart, lungs, brain) at close range, resulting in mortal wounds, if not immediate death.  Gabby Giffords WOULD NOT have survived a .45 slug — it would have exploded her head like a melon.

So much for the ballistics lesson.

In any event, when police arrived at the scene of the Trayvon Martin shooting, they found Martin dead of a chest wound, Zimmerman disheveled as from a struggle and bleeding from the head and face, and a WITNESS to the altercation who substantiated Zimmerman's account.

THAT'S why Zimmerman wasn't arrested.  THOSE are the facts as recorded in the Sanford police report, and THAT is the evidence now in possession of the Florida State Attorney (and the FBI, and every other agency that has unnecessarily involved itself in Florida's Justice system).  You take that evidence to court, and Zimmerman is going to be found innocent, he's going to walk, mark my words.

There's no hard evidence of racial harassment nor any other sort of harassment in the Zimmerman/Martin case.  There IS evidence (an eyewitness statement) that Trayvon Martin ASSAULTED George Zimmerman and that Zimmerman defended himself with deadly force, as permitted under Florida law.

I'll tell YOU who's racist here: It's the people who consistently cite racism to build their POLITICAL AGENDA — just like the white guy quoted above, accusing me of "racist shit."

There's NO evidence in the Zimmerman/Martin case of racial bias on the part of George Zimmerman.  There IS a WITNESS who says Trayvon Martin beat down George Zimmerman, just as Zimmerman claims.

That's all you need to get this case kicked out of a court of law.

Under Florida LAW, a citizen who is carrying a concealed weapon with a permit (as was George Zimmerman) CAN, in fact, use DEADLY FORCE to defend himself when he believes his life is in danger.  For that matter, a homeowner can defend himself with deadly force on his own property WITHOUT a concealed weapons permit.

That's the LAW, which the racist moron above utterly fails to grasp. As for the "racist shit" he says I put into my comment, I suggest that he's not qualified to discern the difference between "racism" and the TRUTH.

A less belligerent but no less loaded response to my blog came from a guy who identified himself as an adult black male.  He asked me:
"Why do you think Martin attacked Zimmerman?"
Well, you may as well ask me why George Zimmerman started following Trayvon in the first place.  How am I supposed to answer that?  Nobody can answer the question of WHY Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman except Trayvon Martin, and he's not talking.

But I know what you WANT to hear... You want to hear the same thing that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan and the enraged blacks of Sanford, Florida want to hear.  You want to hear that George Zimmerman chased Trayvon Martin, yelled, "What're you doin' in my neighborhood, NIGGER?!!" and that Trayvon was thus JUSTIFIED in beating Zimmerman down.

Justifying violence with racial entitlement is simply more RACIST reasoning.

Of course, you have NO IDEA of what happened that night, and you are WRONG to assume that a verbal attack justifies a physical attack.  Look it up in the law books.  Calling a black person a "nigger" does NOT justify a physical assault by that black person.

That's RACIST thinking.

I know our Liberal Mainstream Media has conditioned blacks AND whites alike to just accept black entitlement to beating down anyone who utters the word "nigger," but it AINT LEGAL, my friend.

Under the law, I don't give a damn WHAT somebody calls you, you just keep walking.  You're NOT entitled to assault somebody under any circumstance, okay?  You can TRY assaulting somebody because your feelings are sensitive, but you're the one committing the greater crime, nonetheless.

You might even get your ass shot if you decide to assault somebody.

Think of that.

Anybody who presumes to discount the Sanford police report and an eyewitness statement and LEAP to his OWN CONCLUSION of what transpired on the night of February 26th is a fool who isn't interested in Justice of any kind.  That goes DOUBLE for the locals in Sanford, Florida, because it is THEY who are calling for "justice" while simultaneously insisting "Zimmerman is a MURDERER" and making death threats to the police chief in that town.

It is THEY who are threatening to commit acts of domestic terrorism based on their IGNORANCE of what actually happened that night.  They don't want JUSTICE, they want VENGEANCE.

Ultimately, it doesn't MATTER what you or I think about Trayvon Martin's motives in attacking George Zimmerman.

Fortunately, in America, Grand Juries and criminal courts do not take into consideration the opinions of the general public who are NOT INVOLVED IN ANY WAY with the case.

When Al Sharpton inserted himself into Sanford, Florida, last week, local blacks were carrying protest signs saying "Zimmerman is a MURDERER!" There is, however, no EVIDENCE that Zimmerman murdered anyone, and the opinions of the public DO NOT MATTER.

In America, George Zimmerman is INNOCENT until proven guilty. THAT is called Justice in America. The Sanford locals making unsubstantiated claims that Zimmerman is a MURDERER and making DEATH THREATS against the police chief and circulating "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE" flyers for George Zimmerman are thus demonstrating their lack of respect for and lack of interest in true Justice.

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