Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The anti-gun lobby (the Jim Brady organization and Eric Holder among them) are CONSTANTLY attempting to twist the Second Amendment into something it never was and NEVER SHOULD BE.

Right now the Jim Brady organization is hammering Concealed Carry, as well as Florida's so-called "stand your ground" law. They're HAMMERING it. I just heard a representative of the Brady organization on the radio today, very ANGRILY attacking the Second Amendment and claiming that responsible gun ownership is contributing to a MENTALITY OF VIOLENCE that America WILL NOT TOLERATE.

I don't know about you, but when I show my gun, everything EXCEPT violence happens. When I meet and talk with gun owners who ARE carrying concealed and who ARE openly carrying a Glock in a side holster, we have the most pleasant conversations imaginable.

The anti-gunners claim that WE (gun owners) are living in FEAR.

Well, again, I don't know about all of you, but I'm probably the LEAST FEARFUL individual on my street, if not in my town. And it's not a gun that gives me courage — it's not a weapon of ANY KIND that gives me courage. You know what Gunny Ermey would say: "It is the HARD HEART that kills." And I don't care WHAT weapon is available or not available. If anti-gunners had their way and banned all public gun ownership, then we'd become a nation of swordsmen. Ban the swords and we'll go to knives. Ban knives and we'll switch to clubs.

Because It's the HARD HEART that Kills, not the weapon of the moment.

How much is a family worth? It's worth whatever you happen to pick up to defend it. In my case, I want the most awesome weapon available, okay? Unfortunately, I can't afford an AA12 Combat Shotgun; but, if I could afford it and the numerous registrations and permits required, I'd have an AA12.

And that's not because I'm afraid. It's because I know who's out there. Frankly, violent criminals don't concern me that much, because that's one-on-one, or maybe two-on-one, and I can handle that. Hell, I used to be a bouncer in a strip club, and that's a WHOLE DIFFERENT kind of bouncing.

You know what concerns me? It's the criminals in high office, it's the anti-gun lobby, it's the movement to DESTROY our Constitutional Rights. And when you speak out about what the Second Amendment DOESN'T say, you're actually exposing your IGNORANCE of what it DOES say.

Flat-footed, the Second Amendment says that a WELL REGULATED Militia comprised of ARMED CITIZENS is necessary to the Security of a Free State. It says BECAUSE a Militia is necessary, the Central Government SHALL NOT INFRINGE on the citizens' RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR arms.

Do you understand the IMPORT of the Second Amendment? It's NOT saying that A Police Force or National Guard is an acceptable SUBSTITUTE for armed citizens.

Do you know why?

It's because every police force and every National Guard outfit in the country OBEYS the Central Government. We know that when FEMA went into New Orleans, they brought in U.S. Marshals and Oklahoma National Guard and New Orleans Policemen to go door-to-door and disarm the citizens.

When the Central Government goes BAD, goes CORRUPT, starts oppressing the citizenry, WHO is going to come to the rescue? The CENTRAL GOVERNMENT? LOL

Hell no.

The Second Amendment establishes the NECESSITY of a NON-GOVERNMENTAL Citizen's Militia. The term "well-regulated" has been used by anti-gunners for DECADES to attack this amendment. But if you understand the spirit of the amendment, you know the Founders weren't going to hand the organization of the Citizens Militia over to the GOVERNMENT. Because the Citizens Militia is NECESSARY to secure a free state when the Central Government goes bad.

Anti-gunners just assume the Central Government is always RIGHT and BENEVOLENT, they assume the Central Government is going to establish a perimeter around the USA with watchtowers and high fences and sharpshooters to protect the 300 MILLION unarmed American people, right? And, in truth, they don't want a SOVEREIGN United States, they want an ASSIMILATED American Union, with free trade and no religion and everybody hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

Anti-gunners are spineless idiots.

So, when I hear somebody say, "The Second Amendment doesn't say anything about concealed carry," that's when I come back and say, "Go peddle your anti-gun propaganda somewhere else."

The Second Amendment WANTS GUNS in the HANDS of CITIZENS so that we can FIGHT BACK against an oppressive and tyrannical Central Government. Not against a foreign power, not against a foreign invader, but against OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

Only GUN LAWS have made a distinction between concealed and open carry. This falls under the heading of INFRINGING on our RIGHT to keep and bear arms. Come to think of it, the MAJORITY of the 23,000 gun laws in America are UNCONSTITUTIONAL under the Second Amendment.

Pardon, but KEEPING and BEARING ARMS is our American RIGHT, and I don't care if it's a shoulder holster or an ankle holster or a paddle down in your pants, it is OUR RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR ARMS.

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