Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well, the thick plottens... Now George Zimmerman has gone off the grid.  His lawyers can't contact him, he's trying to go public on Sean Hannity, he's been in direct contact with the special prosecutor, it sounds like he's afraid — and rightly so — because people are threatening to kill him.

All of this is transpiring, as I predicted, because the special prosecutor Angela Corey is going to announce on Friday that there's NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE to bring First-Degree Murder charges against George Zimmerman.  His  attorneys dropped the case, undoubtedly because they know there's no trial in the future.

Another 20-year-old jock writes to me, invoking the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and comparing it to the racial politics we're seeing in Sanford.  

Son, you were not alive at the height of the Civil Rights Movement (early to mid-1960s).  Chances are your parents weren't alive back then, either.  You have NO memory of what real racism is.

I do. 

I lived through the Civil Rights Movement, and I lived in an area of the South where the KKK had billboards and recruitment offices on public streets.  I know that EVERYBODY was living in fear back then, and for a very good reason.  You could get shot dead for speaking out on behalf of blacks.

Race-hate groups were a major influence on local government.

When 1/3 of your local police department is comprised of KKK members, you've got a REASON to be afraid, okay?

Today's generation has NO IDEA of what REAL RACISM is.  In the 1950s and 60s, a black guy hanging from a tree was the epitome of racism.  Today, our thin-skinned and politically correct Western society thinks the "N-word" is the epitome of racism.


Today's generation thinks that racism is a game of semantics.  Worse than that, they think racism is a viable TOOL for advancing their political agendas. 

Today, the REAL RACISTS aren't Southern Democrats in pickup trucks with chains and ropes and shovels and shotguns, out coon hunting every night, the way it was back in the 50s and 60s.

Today, the REAL RACISTS are the people who use racism to twist arms in the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government, and who use racism to extort money and to create a climate of ENTITLEMENT for one race over another.
The MAIN PROBLEM we face today is NOT inequality of Justice. The MAIN PROBLEM we face is the implementation of special laws (Hate Crime Laws) above and beyond those laws that apply to everyone, special laws calling for more severe punishment in cases of racially motivated crime.

You DO understand the problem with Hate Crime Laws, right?

To all appearances, such laws only apply to non-blacks.  When was the last time you saw the Mainstream Media headlining the story of a Hate Crime committed by a black person?

We can't progress as a civilization as long as we live in a climate of perpetual REPARATION for injustices committed by our ancestors, okay?

Sure, blacks were exploited by slave traders, but let's tell the truth.  

Slavery between tribes was common in Africa, tribal war prisoners were enslaved, and tribes would SELL their prisoners of war to Dutch slave traders. In more modern times, Black Africans in Rwanda and the Sudan have taken slavery to a whole new level, and the black-on-black atrocities committed in Africa do truly dwarf into insignificance the atrocities of American Slavery, if not the Holocaust.

So, WHO is going to make reparations in Africa, once we're all holding hands and singing Kumbaya in a Global Village about 40 years from now?

The junk they’re teaching in school about race relations and world history is DETRIMENTAL to our progress as a civilization. 

When the mandatory free education system teaches that subsequent generations are RESPONSIBLE for the actions of their forebears — specifically, that blacks are somehow ENTITLED to special consideration and reparation because their long-dead ancestors were enslaved — then they are teaching that we can go back and blame the past for our present failures.

I was not brought up to blame anyone else for my failings, much less demand reparations for some perceived injustice that occurred 150 years before I was born.

(Did you get that little Sanford & Son hook that I threw in there?)

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