Thursday, April 5, 2012


Well, the Florida Sate Attorney appointed as special prosecutor in the Zimmerman/Martin case, Angela Corey, is getting ready to make a decision as to whether or not George Zimmerman will be indicted in the February shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Ms. Corey, appointed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott to review all available evidence in the case, is not leaking any hints to the press, although she and the U.S. Justice Department have been working closely with the city government and emergency management team in Sanford, Florida (where the shooting took place).

So, nobody is supposed to know ANYTHING about her impending decision, right?

Yeah, right.

Well, let me TELL YOU what the decision is going to be... George Zimmerman WON'T be indicted and he WON'T go to trial, although he probably WILL be forced to flee Sanford, Florida and go into hiding.

That's because the racially-motivated black community in Sanford wants Zimmerman's BLOOD and they're NOT INTERESTED in Justice unless it's lynchmob justice.

This is the black community that called for "Justice for Trayvon" while simultaneously circulating "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE" flyers for George Zimmerman, and the same black community that has made repeated death threats to the Sanford Police Chief.

This is the same black community that has threatened retaliatory violence and domestic terrorism if Zimmerman is NOT arrested and indicted and tried for murder.

If you seriously can't guess Ms. Corey's decision in advance, I would suggest reading this little news update from WKMG News in Orlando, Florida...

City of Sanford Prepares for Official Response in Zimmerman/Martin Case
SANFORD, Fla. -The city of Sanford is preparing for the outcome of the special prosecutor's decision about George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin but has not been charged.

Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett said on Thursday that the city's emergency management team has met regularly with the U.S Department of Justice to construct a plan. Officials said extra police officers and fire department officials are on standby. Neighboring agencies have also been asked to assist, if needed.
"Those that would like to make this a defining moment for the city of Sanford are wrong, and we just have to make sure that we do a good job of making sure that that's not our lasting image," Triplett said.

It's not known when Angela Corey, a state attorney appointed as the special prosecutor by Gov. Rick Scott, will make a ruling.

Residents said they feel the pressure of the decision looming over the community.
If it even remotely appeared that Ms. Corey's decision was to arrest and indict George Zimmerman, the City of Sanford and the U.S. Justice Department wouldn't be constructing a plan to handle the riots that are GOING to ensue when Zimmerman goes scot-free.

See, the Sanford mayor and police and fire departments wouldn't be coordinating with the DOJ and calling for backup from neighboring first-response teams unless THEY KNEW the State Prosecutor's decision in advance.

I mean, hell, I told you WEEKS AGO the outcome of this case, based on the available and documented evidence.

I'm telling you, a comprehensive review of the FACTUAL EVIDENCE in the Zimmerman/Martin case is going to deliver Justice, alright; but it's NOT the lynchmob justice the black community demands, and Special Prosecutor Angela Corey KNOWS THAT.

Which is why they're preparing for black violence in Sanford and across the entire country right now.

Oh, you don't think the black community is going to predictably retaliate with racially-motivated violence?

They already are.  Read this comforting little item from the Toledo Blade newspaper in Ohio...

White Victim, 78, Recounts Assault by Six (6) Black Youths Out to Avenge Trayvon Martin
Six juveniles (the youngest 11 and the oldest 17) nearly boxed-in Dallas Watts, a 78-year-old man from East Toledo.

Mr. Watts was on his way home from the nearby Gas Express Mart at Starr Avenue and White Street about 4:45 p.m. Saturday (March 31) when the boys approached him.

One pointed at Mr. Watts and said, "Take him down," the victim recounted in an interview Monday.

Mr. Watts looked at the youth and said, "Why you picking on me?"

Mr. Watts said one of the boys delivered a single blow to the back of his head during the incident, knocking the victim to the ground.

At one point, Watts recalled being lifted from the ground so one of the boys could "drop-kick" him in the chest.

One boy, Watts said, put his foot on the back of the Watts' neck, with another shouting, "Kill him!"

While Mr. Watts was down the boys kicked him over and over, shouting, "[Get] that white [man]!  This is for Trayvon ... Trayvon lives, white [man]!  Kill that white [man]!" according to a police report.

This story, as you can tell, is HEAVY on political correctness, taking care not to mention the fact that Mr. Watts is white and the "six juveniles" were all black.  Of course, the heavily-censored quotes reveal the truth of the matter.

Does anyone out there really need a translation?

"Fuck that white muthafucka!  This is for Trayvon!  Trayvon lives, white muthafucka!  Kill that white muthafucka!"

In passing, the article mentions that the 17-year-old (one of two "juveniles" who were arrested for the attack) also faces a felonious assault charge in the unrelated shooting of 24-year-old Mark Bolling on March 18, less than two weeks earlier.

And here's another warm and fuzzy moment on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland (St. Patrick's Day of this year), as a mob of blacks not only beat a lone white man to the pavement, stole all of his property, stripped him naked and laughed, but also RECORDED the assault and posted it online...


Oh, but we KNOW blacks — and particularly black male teens — aren't disposed to racially-motivated violence, right?

I mean, to DELIBERATELY IGNORE and DENY the fact that blacks perpetrate racially-motivated violence is WORSE than racism, okay?  This incident is merely a suggestive preview of the black violence that's bound to transpire in the coming weeks, as soon as George Zimmerman walks.

Mark my words.  If I'm wrong, you can call me a racist.  But I'm not racist and I'm not wrong, either.

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