Monday, April 9, 2012


Look, somebody posed a question to me about citizens "partnering" with the police and other enforcement agencies — you know, in the spirit of Socialism, sharing surveillance information and coordinating civilian/police patrols and all that bullshit.

Specifically, this reader's query concerned the tragic irony of George Zimmerman being a neighborhood watch captain, which sort of backfired on Barack Obama.

See, Obama said, about three years ago, that he wanted to create this goddamned Neighborhood Watch Program, whereby citizens coordinate with local police and surveil their neighborhoods in order to secure the community, right?

Just like George Zimmerman was doing.

How's that working out for you, Barry?

As an asides, when the Iron Curtain fell in 1989, when Communism collapsed in on itself as it always does, it was revealed to the world that 1 in 3 citizens in East Berlin were KGB informants.  That's pretty intimidating, don't you think?

There's the ultimate evolution of your Neighborhood Watch Program, citizens working hand-in-hand with executive government.

Frankly, I wouldn't WANT Citizens thinking they're qualified to make the complex legal decisions that trained LEOs make.

In my concealed carry class, we didn't just sit there for hours watching a video of some law professor droning on about concealed carry and the use of deadly force. In our case, we had two instructors who would frequently pause the video and then DEMONSTRATE the complex altercation scenarios — those scenarios in which the instigator has his gun taken away from him and he suddenly becomes the victim, for example, in which case the guy with the gun is now the assailant, and back and forth like that.

In spite of the seeming simplicity of one-on-one altercations, such confrontations can become really baffling legal shitholes.

I mean, it's no wonder that trained LEOs don't want to dive into the middle of an altercation. Our instructors told us, very frankly, that they would rather stand back for their own safety when the details of an altercation are unclear, because they may end up on the WRONG SIDE of a bad situation escalating into something worse.

Now, imagine the well-meaning civilian — who is typically untrained in Criminal Justice, deadly force, etc — inserting himself into a very complex altercation, totally ignorant of who instigated the incident, who was an intended victim, who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Most civilians would make an instant judgement, based on who was holding the gun, right? So the civilian might go to the defense of a BAD GUY.

And then THREE MORE guys show up with baseball bats and tire irons, and the civilian doesn't know WHO is the bad guy. In which case the civilian just stuck his nose into a VERY NASTY situation from which he might not walk away.

No. I don't think civilians or armed citizens NEED to be partnering with First Responders, whose JOB is to walk into these hot situations with the LAW on their sides, so the citizen doesn't get mixed up in it.

I mean, if the average citizen wants to "partner" with First Responders, then I suggest that citizen become a certified EMT or a volunteer Fireman or go to the Police Academy and take a Criminal Justice course — I don't think some well-meaning citizen with a Concealed Carry permit (who barely managed to keep all his rounds inside a 2-foot target at 21 feet, okay?), is qualified to attend or is needed in the "crime fighting" community.

Hey, that goes for me, too. In my view, it's enough that I'm alert and aware of the law and that I know my rights and I love packin' heat.

See, I'm making a hard distinction between Citizen Militias and the Executive Branch of government. An armed citizenry is necessary to the security of a free state, and the Central Government is charged with defending the nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Those are two different things.

That means the POLICE and the FBI and the BATF and the DEA and the INS and all the other enforcement agencies are operatives of the Executive Branch of Central Government. Their JOB is to defend the nation, under the Constitution.

But the armed citizen's JOB is to keep the Nation FREE. Says so in the Second Amendment.

We DO NOT WANT the free and armed American Citizens partnering with the Central Government, okay? The Citizen Militia CANNOT BE an instrument of the government, it MUST be separate; because, when the Central Government waxes corrupt and oppressive and unconstitutional, all those Executive agencies are going to SIDE with the corrupt government. 

Am I right or am I right?

In which case, WE become the last line of defense of American Liberty.

THAT'S WHY the citizenry should ALWAYS be better armed than the government.

And we ARE better armed than the government, actually. 

I mean, the American Military is comprised of a little over 2 million active personnel, believe it or not. 

The real might of our military is the technology that we have placed in the hands of some 2 million personnel. The various police agencies in this country employ about 800,000 personnel. The Federal enforcement agencies (FBI, DEA, INS, BATF, etc) are reluctant to reveal their personnel numbers; but we know the Federal agencies actually have far fewer personnel than the police agencies, inasmuch as the Federal agencies SPECIALIZE, whereas the police agencies deal in a broadly general way with the public.

So, all told, we can make a guesstimate that there are some 5 or 6 Million armed Executive Branch operatives with licenses to kill. These are the guys who will obey the President's order when TSHTF. 

Remember Katrina.  Remember that the Federal Government sent U.S. Marshals and City Police and the Oklahoma National Guard into the suburbs of New Orleans to force their way into private dwellings to confiscate firearms.

Now, please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to incite violence or call for an armed insurrection or anything like that. I'm just crunching numbers here.

Facts are, we have, oh hell, let's be generous and say there are 7 Million people in the Central Government who are heavily armed and their job is to take care of "bad guys" both foreign and domestic, okay? Those 7 million Executive personnel are the Guardians, those are the Sentries, those are the Warriors, okay.

I salute.

But these intrepid heroes need to ask themselves What will happen when the U.S. Congress eviscerates the Constitution, tosses its moldering guts in the dumpster, and implements some kind of draconian Martial Law across the land?

Whose orders do you follow? Do you follow your heart and oath and defend the Constitution?  If you do, then you're a traitor.

But. Wait. You've got to follow orders or they'll kill your ass.  It's all so confusing, isn't it?

Man, I do not envy the kids taking the Oath today... There is so much Socialist corruption in our Central Government, they're training the kids to defend the GOVERNMENT, rather than the PEOPLE.

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